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Who We Are

Okkatots (pronounced "Auk-ka") is a Utah, USA, company with Jeanette Gray as owner and product designer. Jeanette is a trained nurse, mother of five daughters, and grandmother to six grandchildren, whose beautiful faces grace the pages of the website. Since her youngest child was 18 months old, Jeanette has been designing highly functional, stylish baby products for herself and for family and friends who saw them and begged for their own.

Jeanette's love of children is what motivates her to develop products that increase parents' ability to care for their own little ones more fully. Being a mother and grandmother herself, she understands

the pressures on a new parent and how to make those precious early years more pleasant for parents and children alike. She fully believes that the quality of parenting largely determines the success of children, which in turn secures the future of both our homes and our nations. Jeanette says, "If we can support parents and ease their load a little, allowing them to enjoy their children and bond with them more, then we have achieved our goal."

The Gray family hails from Australia, and wanting to incorporate an Aussie flavor into the brand, created the name Okkatots. Okka comes from the Australian term Ocker, a name for a True Blue Aussie who is helpful and friendly as well as brave and determined, especially during hard times.

Our Mission

Like our tagline says, Okkatots was created for the love of little ones. Our deepest desire is to increase the enjoyment of parenting for mothers and fathers everywhere for their children's benefit. We hope to provide security and comfort for babies and young children, making it easier for them to be included in your everyday life.

Because we truly care about parents and the responsibilities to their children, we make every effort to incorporate your feedback into our products. Working hard to meet your needs in many areas, we strive to incorporate efficiency, functionality, style, longevity, and value into our baby carrier, diaper bags, and other products.

Our Awards

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